The new membership for the socially responsible (smart) food business.
Food Label generator, Staff Training & the @eatsafeaus App for your customers

Join the community that over 56% of surveyed users said they would like to see in your store.
All features of the membership for $49/month with unlimited staff and products.

Membership includes:
Build FSANZ compliant Food Labels including Nutrition Information
Your own public business page on the @eatsafeaus App 📲
6 Part Food Safety Training Course for you and all your staff
Trust Mark and Marketing Kit for in-store, online and on your products
Member-only Benefits, huge discounts on Food Industry key items
Recipes, Ingredients, Product Specifications & Allergens all on the Portal
Invite-only news, Food Safety tips & Linkedin/Facebook groups
Our Market Research backs our claim - customers want to see that your business takes Food Safety serious.
And show them, by displaying your Food Safe Australia Membership

We're here to help Australian Food Businesses Grow! 💯

Started in 2021, we are still in Beta. We are a small startup out of Adelaide, Australia. We are 2 food professionals finally building the software we've all needed for years!

Create Food Nutritional Labels

Create FSANZ Approved Nutritional Panels and ingredients lists.

Share Product Info

Your customers want know Allergens and Nutritional Info, so show them!

Food Safety Training for your Staff

6 interactive, relevant, and modern Food Safety Courses for your staff.

Allergen Control & % Australian

Auto generate Allergen declaration and % Australian ingredients.

A powerful web-app for you and aneasy to use mobile app for your customers

Food Safe Australia is split into 2 parts.

The web app is a client-only area where you build your products and labels, and complete the training courses.

The mobile app is used for your to share your products with customers in-store or online with your @eatsafeaus QR code.

More Features

How it works


Load your products, ingredients & recipes

Either build a recipe from scratch, or upload complete products.


Create Labels & Product Specifications

The @foodlabelgenerator will generate the FSANZ ready labels & specifications.


Share to customers and clients via @eatsafeaus app

Your products and sell points will be available to customers via your QR code.

Sounds great - let's go!

With all the features you need to be a food safe business.

Be proudly food safe without the price.

Share Your Products

Every company on our system gets access to the @eatsafeaus app portal.
Show Nutritional Info, Allergens and sell points to your customers, live in-store or online.

Build Nutritional Panels

Using the @foodlabelgenerator, our system will put together the legally required Nutritional Panels, allergen declaration and ingredient declaration required by FSANZ.
No more worrying about compliance!

Train Your Staff

We've hand built 6 Food Safety courses for your staff to complete.
Proudly display to your customers that you take Food Safety seriously!
Coming soon!

Proudly Display Your Brand

All brands and businesses in the Food Safe Australia community get a marketing kit to display to your customers that you are proudly food safe.

Be Up To Date

We're up to date so you don't have to be.
We have a weekly community newsletter too so you can keep in touch on the most important things in the Food Industry.

Save Money & Time

Honestly, our app pays for itself just in the cost to keep your Food Safety up to date. A full label on our system takes well under an hour, compared to 3-5 hours per label manually. Get back to your business.

Features & Plan Breakdown

We have simple pricing. All features are included with our membership. There is no tiered pricing.

Food Safe Australia Membership

All memberships include unlimited staff & products, as well as a @eatsafeapp listing.
Generate FSANZ compliant Nutrition Information
Generate Product Specifications
Recipe Control
Ingredient Database
% Australian Calculation
Food Labelling Training Course
Save $ on labour, our app is SO much faster than building labels manually.
Membership benefits and rewards
6-part Food Safety Training Course for your staff
Marketing Kit (Trustmark Sticker, In-Store Display)
Multi Site Operator? A simple $10 extra per site per month
Choose plan ($49/month)

We hate making food labelsas much as you do

The @foodlabelgenerator App does the legwork for you. Simply load your ingredients and recipe, and we'll do the rest 😀

FSANZ Legal Nutritional Panels and Ingredients/Allergen Declarations
Easily generate the % Australian in line with requirements
Download in PDF or JPEG, send to your designer or add to your product

Don't take our word for it,we're backed up with real data.

We put the word out to 250 Aussies, spread out around Australia in a non-incentivised Survey to gauge the memberships viability for the Food Industry.

81% want to see that your staff are trained in Food Safety
74% of users want to see more easily accessible info on your products
info around Allergens and Nutritional Info.
56% of users would click the in-store QR code to view more info on your product
information (Allergens, Nuritional Info)

What clients say about us

We're new but already getting around. Customers include Bakeries, Cafes and Established Australian Food Brands.

About Us

This app saved me so much in generating the many new products we release every year to the retail market.

The % Australian logo is so handy to have available as PDF download.

Sarah Trottman
Adelaide Hills Foods

Our Pizzas have seasonal ingredients, so our nutritional panel changes somewhat as ingredients may change.

This makes what was a long afternoon, and absolute breeze!

Isabel Moller
Barossa Pizza

Before joining Food Safe Australia, we had received a quote to have 3 products put together for nutritional info, was over $2000!

With this app I get the Food Safety training add-on, and ability to share my products with clients & customers.

Helen Kerr
Crackerjack Snacks

The cost benefit for our business to have this app and show our customers in-store the product info is so affordable.

For $19/month a customer can see everything about our products that they'd ever need to keep #foodsafe.

Emma Murray
Emma & Myrtles Bakehouse